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Hello, I'm a random-ish artist with a liking for horses, dragons and pokemenz. 80% of my drawings are silly fancy doodles of those OCs of mine... I've also made quite a hobby for myself of turning fictional characters into horses, because I can; it's a lot of fun P:

I feel like there should be another paragraph here, so there's that.

          Gimp User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Easypen I405x User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel


ESS 2014 - Duchess of Darkness by Ankaa-C
ESS 2014 - Duchess of Darkness
Christmas La My Equine Secret Santa gift for this year; Merry Christmas Annacaza

I apologize for the absolute genericness of the setting, backgrounds are definitely not my thing orz
That being said this was quite fun to work on christmas la I hadn't really gotten to work on dark-coated characters so this was a good experience! (Although with my monitor being bad as it is it got slightly annoying, but I got to see how this looked in my phone and it was quite alright haha)
Anyways, Merry Christmas! Hope you like it SnowDummy

Duchess coolest nobility title y/y
Olsare by Ankaa-C
Something I did a while ago for someone on Neopets from the description in their app for Ollie. It was a lot of fun =P That wing prespective tho, I still love how that ended up.
Character isn't mine, just the art P:
Reference ~ Caimare by Ankaa-C
Reference ~ Caimare
AAH It's up, I made it, asfgjkñkj  spazzing emote 

Yeah so now I'm lazy to write and this is Caimare and he's, like, my boy (he's a boy btw just in case)

So, concise explaining stuff, there's a line on his back and brown "hihglights" or lines on his hair and tail, a dark line all the way through the outer part of his tail and he has them gold big shiny eyes, because you don't get the nickname "baybyface" for nothing =P
Guess who that was lol

Most importantly, the wings are optional. Canonically, that's a thing he does; in reality, he was my go-to character to doodle for a while and some times I just wanted to put some wings into a horse. So that happened, ahaha.

And this one came out totally better than Zurbieh's, so suck on that /shot


Insert character part, thing with the stuff
(In short: Quiet, the exact oposite of noisy; can come off as a bit of a smartass, but he is very intelligent.
Gets shy and somewhat awkward when there's someone he finds intimidating arround, even if they're not drectly threatening (read: pretty much all my other OCs lol))

Art and Character belong to Me, Ankaa-C
Reference ~ Zurbieh by Ankaa-C
Reference ~ Zurbieh
If this isn't the most crappy/lazily finished reference you've ever seen; then...
... I'm glad.

So this is Zurbieh, mah boi :dummy:
and the anatomy is bad and I didn't even do lineart and the color blobs were just for me as I was coloring but they looked neat so I kept them (totally not to fill that space), even though there's the thing about colors not being absolute, so don't get used to colorpicking kids, it isn't generally good and this has been a PSA.
*breathes in*

I might add text to this, for now, I'll just skim through to clarify some design points real quick in here, I guess

The eyes dont have defined iris or pupils and just run in gradient, the darkest spot where the pupils would be (something like if it was smudged over P: ). Expressions that mess with the eyes can get to play with this (I have no clue how to explain this I should draw it orz).

The wings are torn, the specific shape in which they are is irrelevant because not even I would be capable of keeping up with that, but that's the general size.

He has two tails, I added the clear colored version in an attempt to clarify*. The marking looks like as scar but is like a birthmark of sorts, (not like that mattters lol). I drew the wings a bit unnaturally high to show it better, uh, so yeah.
*Emphasis on the "attempt".

The design is symmetrical. Oh and the hooves have some feathering I utterly failed to represent.


Now all that's left is, y'know, the character stuff OTL
(In short: Gloomy, usually aloof, "whatever face" but doesn't take that much anger, the wings issue isn't really a button anymore but you'd better not press on that anyways heh)

He looks like a gosh darn foal doesn't he? Because he shouldn't really *sob*

Art and Character belong to Me, Ankaa-C

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